Broad Street Run + Running Goals

The Broad Street Run is my favorite race ever because 1) it’s in my hometown 2) diversity of ability — super fast East Africans + recreational elites + people who generally don’t even run 3) it’s the first road race that I’ve ever done.

I had an incredible time as usual, and I even had a proper high five with Mayor Nutter at the starting line because my friend and I ended up in the wrong corral (because we were late), and in the process of scrambling to the correct one, we ended up at the FRONT of the corral. Oops.

I was really dumb and didn’t drink that much water the day before or the day of, so by mile 5-ish, I was really tired and thirsty, especially because it was kind of hot. Plus I also had my highest mileage the week prior (19 miles), so that may have contributed to me being so tired. Anyway, I took a water break and never got my momentum back.

Inline image 1

It was my worst 10 miler time by far and 5 minutes off of my PR, but I’m proud of myself for finishing all 10 miles ūüôā plus I had fun so I’m ok with it.

ONTO MY GOALS. I’m still chasing a sub-25 5k, and I think it’s definitely within my reach right now. I ran 3 PR’s in the last 6 months or so — half marathon, 5k, 5 miler — because I have been so much more consistent with my running (e.g. not taking weeks off at a time just due to sheer laziness). I think the next step for me is to increase my mileage. I’ve been trying to get that whole 20 mile week thing going, but it hasn’t happened yet in 2015. I tracked my mileage for this year, and my highest 2 weeks were 19 and 17. I’ve run a total of less than 150 miles this year, which is a lot for me. I also ran a 40:49 5 mile race and a 1:24 9.4-ish mile race (was on pace for a 10 mile PR, but the course was shortened due to a road accident, and I wanted to save my legs for a 3+ hour drive and day with friends afterwards, so I didn’t go all out in the end). My main reason for increasing my mileage is because I signed up to do a marathon next spring. If I can’t even run 26 miles per week, I can’t fathom running 26.2 miles AT ONCE. anyway, I started a new blog because I’m moving to a new continent in a few months (which is why I decided to run a marathon for the first time? lol I don’t make any sense) and want to document my adventures abroad. I’ll probably keep track of my marathon training on there but it won’t be a running blog.. so this is goodbye for now! It’s been fun ‚̧

Week starting Mileage Notes
1/4/2015 13
1/11/2015 6
1/18/2015 9
1/25/2015 7
2/1/2015 17
2/8/2015 0  tripped; sprained ankle
2/15/2015 0  tripped; sprained ankle
2/22/2015 0  tripped; sprained ankle
3/1/2015 3
3/8/2015 12
3/15/2015 3
3/22/2015 11.5 includes 5 mile race
3/29/2015 12
4/5/2015 12 includes 10 mile race
4/12/2015 3
4/19/2015 19

Back on My Feet 5 Miler Recap + PR

I am back on my feet. Goodbye, walking boot!

Yesterday, I finished my first race of 2015, the Back on my Feet 5 Miler, and got the biggest surprise ever — a brand new 5 mile PR. My original goal was to just finish, but I did a 4 miler earlier this week during my lunch break and felt great, so I wanted to get around 45 minutes. My previous 5 mile PR (44:02) was from the same race/course last year, and I didn’t think that being away from running for an entire month would get me anywhere close to that. I ended up running 40:49. I was completely shocked. I guess this is the result of me running continuously in 2014! I’m totally hooked on running now haha.

A recap of every single run that I did prior to yesterday’s race:

  • 3/8/15 (first day back since the ankle incident): 3 miles total. 1 mile non-stop at 9:30, walk break for 10 minutes, 2 miles non-stop at 11:23 and 9:32.
  • 3/9/15: 2 miles total on the track. 800m warm up, alternating 4 x 200/400m’s. 200s: 44, 45, 43, 43. 400s: 1:37, 1:48, 1:49, 1:52, cool-down
  • 3/11/15: 3 miles non-stop at 9:07 pace with my lunchtime work running group
  • 3/15/15: 6 miles long run at 9:45 pace
  • 3/17/15: 3 miles at 9:41 pace with my lunchtime work running group
  • 3/22/15: had a 1 mile race planned — did not go because I got back from Boston the night before and was super tired
  • 3/23/15: 2.5 miles total. 800m warm up, 3200m (a little less than 2 miles) tempo run at 7:56 pace
  • 3/25/15: 4 miles at 8:58 pace

Yesterday was also kind of a buy one get one free deal — I also got a new 5k PR of 10 seconds within my 5 miler. Hahaha. My goal is still to break 25 minutes this year ūüôā

5k pr

The most mileage I’ve run in a single week in 2015 was 17 miles back in February. I’m probably going to keep it somewhere between 10-15 miles for the next few weeks until my first 10 miler (goal: just finish). I feel like I’ve had a goal of running 20 miles per week for a while now, but it’s still the goal for 2015 — eventually be able to sustain 20 miles a week!

Have you ever gotten a PR within a longer race? What’s your favorite track workout?

The case for treadmill running

I’m not much of a winter runner, but this year, I decided that I’d try to run more in the winter and supplement running with exercise classes/core work. I actually ran about 52 miles already (highest mileage week = 17 miles) in 2015 until…

I tripped on a lump of salt and sprained my ankle. This happened two weeks ago, and I have another two weeks until I’m allowed to run again. Am currently rocking a lovely walking boot because I was too stubborn to use a treadmill. It’s a rough life. I did a 6 mile long run at a comfortable 9:10 pace two days before the incident, which is usually the shape I’m in around April/May. I was doing so well. Blah.

I have a few races coming up this spring. Goals looking ahead:

  • March 22: 1 mile race — I’ve never done a road mile race before, and I’m sooo excited to try it. Finishing a mile likely won’t be a problem, but I really wanted to run this all out. Don’t know if that’ll happen because this is less than two weeks from when I can start to run again. Goal: finish as fast as I can!
  • March 28: 5 mile race — this is a little under three weeks from when I can start running again, so I’m just looking to finish 5 miles. Not gunning for any PR’s. Goal: finish/run all 5 miles.
  • April 12: 10 mile race. Goal: finish/run all 10 miles
  • April 25: potential 5k — hopefully going to get that sub-25! Goal: 5k PR
  • May 3: 10 mile race — my favorite race ever. I am hoping to be rested, recovered, and PR-ing here ūüėÄ Goal: 10 mile PR

What are your running goals for this spring?

Reindeer Romp 5K Recap + PR

Last race of 2014 in the books.¬†I wish I can do a mile by mile recap, but I didn’t see any mile markers during the entire race ūüė¶ my running was also pretty uneventful, so I’ll just say that I enjoyed the race overall, hummed Spartacus by Aram Khachaturian as I ran, and am super happy about my new 5k PR — 25:28! My previous PR was 26:30, and I was going for sub-26 today, so I’m thrilled that I was able to achieve it despite not knowing how fast I was actually running.¬†Sub-25 is still a big goal for me, and¬†it will keep me motivated for 2015.

More about the race — it was large for a 5k (I think). There were¬†~500 people, but¬†it was extremely well organized. If you’re in the Philly area, I would highly recommend signing up for it next year: Reindeer Romp.¬†I really wish I can run¬†fast enough to win a prize because the winner mugs looked so cute. Maybe in a few years..

But the shirts were cute too, so I won’t complain too much :). I originally got an adult small long sleeve tech shirt. It was super comfy¬†and¬†definitely way¬†better quality than the long sleeve tech shirt I got at the Philly half marathon, but it was a gigantic bag on me. I knew I would never wear it, so I exchanged it for a youth large (cotton long sleeve), which fits me perfectly. Woohoo. I never seem to be able to wear unisex tech shirts though, which is super sad. I’m 5’4, which I believe is the average height for American females. Guess that means ~50% of other women feel my pain.


I’m off¬†to Florida this Wednesday, and¬†I plan on bringing my two new pairs of Nike Rival shorts with me as I go for runs on¬†the beach ūüėÄ I got them at during¬†Thanksgiving week. The pink ones were $26, and the colorful ones were $30. Yay sales. I wore the pink ones today for my 5k (I actually wore the same outfit today that I wore for the Philly half AND the Radnor 5 Miler but in different colors lololol. Gotta love the Nike Element half zip + Nike Rival shorts race outfit combo) and stored my car keys in the back pocket. Best. Shorts. Ever. Much better (cheaper + better quality) than the Oiselle Rogas that I attempted a few months back hahaha. And yes, I did end up returning those.

photo-29Any exciting plans for the holidays?
Do you run during the winter? If so, do you have any wisdom or advice to share?

Philadelphia Half Marathon: Sub-2. Check.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 3.36.06 PM

My training paid off! In mid-ish October, one of my coworkers and I came to the scary realization that the Philly half marathon was in 6 weeks. I hadn’t really been running at the time because I was taking exams and writing applications, but we both made a pact to go for our goal of sub-2. We started running during lunch and kept each other accountable for weekend long runs. I ended up doing 5 miles (a race — Penn Radnor 5 Miler), 7 miles, 10 miles, and 4.5 miles as my long runs. I consistently ran 15-20 miles a week (ok, maybe there was only one 20 mile week lol) and got the majority of my miles during lunch. We would do 3 around the Navy Yard. I definitely think¬†consistency helped me get to my goal ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā plus my summer strugglebus miles must’ve whipped me into shape too.

My splits via my Garmin Forerunner 10:
Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 3.34.49 PM

Miles 1-6: Very comfortable.¬†I ran without music (lol) and just fed off the crowd. I made sure not to go out too quickly. Despite being slow for my assigned corral, I found myself having to push through a lot of people just to keep a steady¬†tempo. A little after mile 6, these two obnoxious frat boys (sorry for stereotyping, but I have no other way of describing them)¬†CROSSED THE STREET while we were running. Ok, the Philly Half/Philly Marathon has a lotttt of runners. You don’t just cross in front of the runners while the race is¬†going on. One of the guys nearly tripped me, so I shoved him to the side towards the sidewalk as hard¬†as I could and I kept going. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Miles 6-10: THE STRUGGLE. Hills upon hills upon hills. Thankfully I ran into my friends Anna and Allie at around 6.5. Then I saw my parents around 7.5. I tried to eat a gu chomp (black cherry) around this time, but it was disgusting, so I tossed it out and drank water instead. I felt like I was walking up those massive hills.

Miles 11-12:¬†Don’t remember much. Continuation of the struggle.

Mile 13: REALLY faded. I was running only with my head at this point because I was so tired. I probably should’ve forced those gu chomps despite their gross taste. Will have to find a better alternative next time.

Mile 13.1: GO GO GO GO GO. I kept on looking at my watch, but I knew that I was well within the 2 hours, so I eased into the finishing chute, got my blanket and medal and then left the premises.

WOOHOO. I def¬†struggled a lot towards the end because of the massive hills, but I did it!!! And my coworker did too! We didn’t run together, but he got 1:58:48. Haha. Training buddies woohoo.


This was a 16 minute PR for me! I ran the Philly Half for the first time in 2012. It was my first half marathon, and it was during¬†first semester senior year, so I was too busy to train. Looking back at my DailyMile entries (pre-garmin days wahoo), I can see why I did so much better this time. Consistency really does pay off. I’m going to take a break for a few days, but I can’t wait to be back. I might actually run through the winter this year. Maybe.

Have you reached any running goals lately? Any Turkey Trot plans?

Penn Medicine Radnor 5 Mile and 18 days until the Philly Half!

I’m a pretty sporadic runner, but I’m on a streak right now¬†with no¬†plans to stop until after the Philly half marathon. I stopped running for a bit in late September/early-mid October because I got lazy. Lol.

I eventually started running with one of my coworkers during lunch though. We did 3 milers about 3 times a week for two weeks, and I ended that “training cycle” on October 26 with the Penn Medicine Radnor 5 Mile Run.

I had an incredible race experience, and I was really proud of myself for toughing it out on the course. The course was EXTREMELY hilly, but the scenic setting made up for it. I knew I wouldn’t come close to a PR because I’m — let’s be honest — a bit out of shape, but I wanted to enjoy the race, and I definitely did that. If I am still in Philly next year (unlikely), I definitely plan on doing this race again.

Because of the aforementioned¬†too-lazy-to-run hiatus, I couldn’t find my Garmin, so I ran with my Timex watch. I caught my watch at the mile markers: 9:36, 18:12, 27:50-something, 36:50-something, anddddd 45:01. I didn’t realize that I was so close to breaking 45 at the end because my time goal was seriously 47:30. I was trying too hard at the end to out-kick a woman in front of me that I didn’t pay attention to the clock. Oh well! I¬†didn’t let a single person pass me between miles 4-5 ūüôā and I knew that I gave it everything I had, which is the best feeling you can have as a runner.

It was also my longest run since… maybe late June? I followed up with an even longer run this past weekend. See below haha.

So far this week (yes, I found my Garmin. AND it’s my favorite time of the month, so I’m surprised I’m even moving at all) —

Sunday 11/2:
7.1 miles easy
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.05.30 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.05.41 PM

I have not run this far since this summer. It felt great, but I was super tired the next day. I wanted to go a bit slower, but I think the cold weather forced me to do sub-10 minute miles.

Monday 11/3:

Tuesday 11/4:
2 miles at 10:00 pace during lunch
Track workout after work: 1 x 800 (3:24), 2 x 400 (1:36, 1:38), 4 x 200 (42, 44, 43, 39), 800 cool-down

A nice old lady asked me for directions while I was on the track, and she asked me if I go to high school there. Present tense. It was so adorable.

Wednesday 11/5:
5 miles easy during work — look at how flat this place is!!
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.03.44 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.04.29 PM

The 5 miler today felt really good. We could talk for the most part. I don’t think I would’ve been able to discuss Heiddeger or anything (not that I can really do it while not running), but it was very comfortable. The flat terrain must’ve helped too. Having running buddies has helped me so so so much, and I really hope it’ll take me to a sub-2:00 half marathon in 18 days!!!

Do you have any exciting races coming up?

Running shorts… and an avian rant

I first learned about Oiselle at the 2013 Penn Relays. My first impression: “Wow, someone didn’t pay attention in French class.” French lesson of the day: you can’t make all nouns feminine by replacing the ‘eau’ at the end with an ‘elle.’ Yes, “oiseau” is actually a masculine noun, but there are obviously female birds in France. They’re still “oiseau.”¬†The website used to have something about how Oiselle is the French word for bird or something.¬†No need to be annoying about it by making it all feminine and stuff. Whatever. B for effort though.

Flash forward to 2014 — I started doing some trail running and track workouts¬†near my house. I usually drive there, and storing¬†my car keys during the run is a pain in the butt. Literally. I have a bajillion pairs of Nike tempo shorts that I got for like $10-15 throughout the years, but the pocket isn’t big enough for my car keys, so I decided to look around for some shorts that have zipper pockets. Alas, I stumbled upon the Nike Rival shorts. I bought two pairs as a splurge for my birthday and am in loveeeee with them.

photo 1-6

But because I wear them so often (already, I know), I ordered a pair of Roga Shorts from Oiselle to add to my shorts rotation. Yay: 1) they have a zip pocket 2) they were on sale. Woohoo.

They arrived today, and they look like this:

photo 2-4

If you’re charging $46 (full price) for a pair of shorts, at least make the quality live up to its price tag. Ugh. In addition to those orphan seams, the shorts¬†felt stiff and scratchy because I’ve been spoiled by my Nike Rival shorts, which were around the same price.

I never liked the Oiselle brand that much from the beginning (can I please just call it Oiseau? GENDER EQUALITY), and getting sub-par shorts didn’t help.¬†I also found out that they have this little exclusive club called “The Flock,” where you basically pay $100 to join, wear their singlet to races, and write hashtag Oiselle, hashtag TheFlock on every social media channel ever. It’s a brilliant idea, really. Get a bunch of wealthy white women to pay to join a cult so that they can continually funnel¬†their money towards the brand.¬†You PAY to market them. Absolutely brilliant.¬†But this is a¬†company that claims to empower women.

If you really want to empower people through running, check out Back on My Feet and Black Girls Run. I know the¬†comparison isn’t completely¬†fair because these two organizations are non-profits, but my point is that buying a pair of $46 shorts is not empowering at all, unless you think that flaunting wealth is empowering…

I personally love running because it’s something that can connect people regardless of age, gender, nationality, income level, heritage, culture, hair color, you name it. You can run¬†a 4 minute mile¬†or a 14 minute mile. It really doesn’t matter because, above all, you’re a runner. It pains me to see a company make this sport seem so divisive and cliquey.

Anyway. I could elaborate more on the last part, but I don’t want to seem so negative. I’m just really disappointed. To summarize: 1) Oiselle is not a French word¬†2) Oiselle Roga shorts are of mediocre quality 3) Oiselle¬†is the opposite of empowering

As for¬†my new Roga shorts… I’m kinda tempted to keep them for the back pocket, but I’d rather not. Does anyone have suggestions for running shorts that have pockets big enough to store car keys? Or any other creative solutions?¬†