Overture: Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog — Music for Miles! I think this is going to be a running blog, but we’ll see where this journey takes me. More specifically, I’m going to write about running and classical music. Yes, that’s right — I listen to classical music when I run. No, I am not in my 60s. I find running to classical music incredibly inspirational and motivating (plus, it’s perfect for pacing), so I want to share it with the blogosphere and encourage others to listen to classical music when they run.

This is my running story: During my freshman year of high school, I had to do a mile run for gym class. I surprised my athletically-challenged self by running the entire way and finished in 9:14. Because all the other sports at school required try-outs and I sucked at everything, I decided to give track a chance. I ended up doing indoor track and outdoor track that year and got my mile time down to 6:45. Then I pursued other endeavors (aka music) and didn’t really run again until my junior year of college. I signed up to do the 2012 Broad Street Run, officially caught the running bug, and haven’t looked back since!

This is my music story: I unofficially started playing the piano when I was 2 years old and am still going strong. I can also play the flute, oboe, and harpsichord. In college, I pursued a minor in music, performed with many different ensembles, served as an eZseatU campus ambassador for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and interned at WXPN 88.5 FM (no, not classical music, but I loved it nonetheless!). I do not work in the music industry for a living, but I still practice my piano and attend classical music concerts as often as I can.

I’m going to start big with a recommendation: Beethoven’s 9th symphony for a long run. The piece is over an hour long, and if the 4th (last) movement doesn’t inspire you to push through the last leg of your workout, then I don’t really know what to say…

(homeboy wrote the symphony while DEAF!)

What do you listen to when you run? Does it inspire you to push yourself?


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