The Danse Macabre Run

Oof today’s run was so gross and scary. I went running right before the storm started, which meant that I was sweating out of every pore of my body due to the humidity. Yuck. Actually, the icky stuff started prior to my run. I found a HUGE bug in my running shoe while putting them on… I ended up wearing a different pair because the bug scared me. It wouldn’t leave my shoe no matter how much I tried to shake it. I ended up being able to coax it out eventually, and I smushed it as hard as I could. No idea how it got there. I hope it never happens again!

Here’s my shoe bug — it’s the dark thing to the left side of my shoe:

How ironic that Saint-Saëns’ “Danse Macabre” was the first song on my playlist today… That violin tritone at the beginning and the thought of my huge shoe bug. *shiver* Danse macabre is a symphonic poem about skeletons dancing (that’s the simple version). It really is a wonderful piece of music on its own. It definitely evokes unease and fear, so I think it encourages faster running, which was perfect for today’s run because I need to start picking up the pace if I want to PR at Broad Street this year.

Danse macabre conducted by Gustavo Dudamel:

Danse macabre in figure skating (Kim Yuna aka “The Queen,” World Championships 2009 SP. I love watching figure skating; classical music + athleticism = what’s not to love?):

My outfit:
Top: Get your Rear in Gear race t-shirt, Nike Pro Victory Compression Bra; Bottom: Nike tempo shorts; Accessories: iPod shuffle, Fitbit One, Nike hat, Garmin Forerunner 10

My run:

Do you have any spooky running stories?


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