6 x mile workout completed!

Yesterday’s intended 6 x mile was a total flop, but I definitely made up for it today. I went to the gym to use the indoor track. I listened to the same playlist from yesterday and stuck with the plan. I was kind of hoping to go sub-8 for the last mile, but I won’t complain because I finished the workout! 🙂 given that my sleep schedule is a bit out of whack this week, I’m really happy I was able to push through. I have had 3:45am, 3am, and a few 6am calls this week, followed by an 8pm call tonight; it’s actually kindaaa cool to be like “oh sorry I can’t hang out. I have a meeting with Australia!” Makes me sound totally legit ahahaha. But my sleep schedule is definitely off.

My times:
8:07 (there was a really annoying 11/12 year old kid on the track for this mile who decided he was racing me, and because the track was so small and he wasn’t going at a steady speed, I took off and did my own thing because I didn’t want to trip over him. He tried following me for like 50m before I really hit the accelerator and got away from him. I don’t think he was even old enough to be allowed on the track without a parent! Not cool.)
(10 minute stretch break)

The wonderful playlist:

I wasn’t exactly on track with each piece, but given how dynamic the Beethoven, Dvorak, Rach, and Adams pieces were, I’m not surprised that I was able to run faster! The Adams violin concerto is totally underrated, and I found this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flQPHtaPH9w. Yay

My outfit:

Top: Nike (I don’t remember the style); Bottom: Nike tempo; Accessories: iPod shuffle, Fitbit One, Timex 1440 watch

How does sleep (or lack thereof) affect your running?


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