Good Good Friday

I’ll keep this short and sweet since it’s Friday (Good Friday), and I only went for a super short run today because of yesterday’s monster workout. I went running on grass and ended the run by sprinting up a hill. I didn’t sweat before the hill but definitely did afterwards!

My run, accompanied by Rachmaninoff’s first piano concerto (most people love Rach 2 and 3, but my favorite is actually Rach 1!):

My outfit:
Top: Under Armour seamless bra, Under Armour long sleeve tech t; Bottom: Nike tempo shorts; Accessories: iPod shuffle, Garmin Forerunner 10, Fitbit One

My Fitbit is happy because I met my goal of walking 10,000 steps today 🙂
photo 2
What are your goals for this weekend and how do you plan on accomplishing them?
–My goals for this weekend are to do a solid long run and practice Chopin. I plan to eat and hydrate well tomorrow to prep for Sunday’s long run!


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