Broad Street Run #3 = Complete!

The Broad Street Run will always hold a special place in my heart because 1) it’s the first road race I have ever completed 2) it reminds me of how amazing and diverse my hometown is 3) runners of all shapes, sizes, and levels participate, so even though I didn’t have a great race today, I’m still happy that I came out here and finished it!

I woke up at 5:30am, ate my PB & banana, drove down to Penn to meet up with a college friend, SEPTA-ed over to the start, stretched, and boom we were off. Somehow in the moment of excitement, I completely neglected my pacing strategy. I had intended to do the first mile at 9:00-ish and go down from there. The goal was to PR (beat 1:28:16), and based on how much more I’ve been running this year, I didn’t think it was out of reach. Welllll, going out at 8:08 was probably not the smartest idea, especially because I wanted to do negative splits. I dialed it back for the second mile and again for the third with the intent of picking it back up again after mile 5. That never happened 😦 my calves cramped by miles 4-5, and I lost momentum. I later had to completely stop around mile 8 to tie my shoelaces (I double-knotted, so I don’t know how they became untied). My family was supposed to meet me at mile 7, but they got there 10 minutes after I had passed. Oops. Basically, I was riding a major struggle bus for the last few miles, and I am so so so glad there was a huge crowd because that’s what got me to the end. As soon as I saw the Navy Yard gate (and my work building!), I stopped caring and just took off. I picked off runners one by one for the last 200-400ish meters, and because I was going at full force towards the finish, I ended up crashing into another runner at the end due to the bottleneck. He was nice about it though hahah 🙂

Then I got my medal and goodies, found my friend, and ran into my other friend who I failed to find at the starting line. We left to find my parents at AT&T station, and as we got to the station, we saw people with POPSICLES. So naturally we turned around and located the source. Pretty darn exciting:

I’m definitely disappointed with my time, but I do think that this was the best I could have done today given the mile 1 speed snafu. Plus, my time at the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run a month ago was 1:35:07, and I beat that by about 3 minutes. I didn’t get the PR I wanted, but I’m proud of what I had accomplished and how well I trained this year. I do think that I have a lot to work on in terms of using mental strength to overcome physical limitations, so that’s my next challenge for training.

This is how it went down:

The playlist that accompanied my run (Note that I tried to start slow even with my music hahaha. The Korngold violin concerto was for the Avenue of the Arts portion to throwback to last year): 


I forgot to take a photo of my outfit, so last but not least, the official race results:



One thought on “Broad Street Run #3 = Complete!

  1. Das right girlllll you accomplished a lot in finishing in and of itself, plus beating the cherry blossom time!!!!!!!!! You should be proud – love the positive attitude.

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