5K Lunch Break

I’m going to have to keep this one short because I just got home and finally showered hahaha. Off to bed soon so that I can be out the door before 6:30am, rinse and repeat. I did a 5K race at work today during lunch. There was a decent number of runners (maybe 50-60?) considering it was a corporate event, but I think about half the people opted for the 1 mile run. It was my first run since Broad Street on Sunday, so I had to be careful. I’m slightly sore from Sunday :/

My race time was 26:40, but I forgot to stop my Garmin after I got to the finish line. Oops. The distance my watch recorded was also only 3.05. Hmmm. Oh well.


I’m still going to take it easy for the next few days. My goal for this summer is to improve my 5K time. I remember back when I started running again two years ago, I did a timed 5K for myself, and it was around 25 minutes. I haven’t been able to do that in a race yet, so that’s my goal for this summer!

Elevation map for today’s 5K:

What are your summer running goals?


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