Philly Half. Registered.

I just registered for the Philly Half Marathon. Eek. I guess this is my official announcement that I will not be moving across the pond to attend school this year. Getting two acceptance letters from two prestigious institutions was a nice way to stroke my ego, but a £20,000+ tuition price tag plus £££ living costs in London plus giving up my job is definitely not worth it. I plan to attend graduate school eventually, but a one year masters program in the same field as my undergrad studies is probably not the way to go. LSE is also notoriously known as being a “cash cow,” so who knows how much I’ll actually learn… I know giving up a year in Europe is so anti-Millennial, but I’m proud of my practical adult decision because I know there will be other opportunities to live or visit Europe (I was in London twice already in the last 9 months for work! Went to Paris too). So yeah. Not London-bound, but I’m fine with it because I know better things will come along.

I did a 7 miler yesterday. Super easy pace because I was dyingggg. Too hot and humid. I was literally riding a strugglebus for all 7 miles, but YAY I did it. I’m such a wimp when it comes to hot and humid weather.
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.07.53 PM

I did a 5K at work two weeks ago. The race started at 12:00pm, but I was in a meeting (yes, in my running clothes) until 12:01, so I didn’t get to the starting line until 12:04ish. I basically had to run the entire race by myself because I was behind the walkers when I started. I didn’t have my Garmin, but according to my $15 sports watch, I clocked the first mile at 7:46 pace. Oops too fast. I finished around 30:12 gun time / clock time, and I forgot to stop my watch at the finish line, so I don’t know what my actual time was. Sadness. I think was somewhere between 25-26 though. On the bright side, not a single person managed to pass me during the race heh. Still chasing sub-25 this summer! I’ll be doing a 5k on July 10th, so I hope to be closer to my goal by then!


7 thoughts on “Philly Half. Registered.

  1. You guys had a 5K at your job? That’s so awesome! I was always able to run a few miles at work during lunch (I work at my home), but now that I’m injured… lunch is just spent inside! Oh well.

    I don’t blame you to go to grad school in the US. You have to weigh the cost and the benefits. Going to Europe would be fun, but you could always go there even if you didn’t go to school there (much cheaper).

    • Yeah! It was the coolest thing. My office building is in an old naval ship yard, and there are a ton of other companies around here too, so the event was actually for all of the companies. But work day 5k = the best! It should happen more often 🙂 you can join us virtually — I hope your injury heals soon so that you can run again!

    • Thanks! I’ll post updates on the blog (and hope that this blog will keep me accountable). I really hope I stick to a good plan because I’ve run 2 half marathons before with sporadic training, and they were not enjoyable haha. Also, it’s not too late to register 😉 run with me!

  2. Oh man, that sounds so stressful to be in a meeting while the race started. Nice job still getting it done even if you had to start behind the walkers 🙂

    And YAY Philly Half!! I’m currently signed up for the full but may drop back to the half on race day (depending on whether I’m able to register for Boston… one marathon per 12 months is enough for me). Have you done it before? I think it’s a pretty neat course.

    • I was so anxious and didn’t listen to half of the meeting because I wanted to be running! haha. and thanks 🙂 one of my coworkers walked it, and she started the same time as me. she’s pregnant and still finished ahead of many others. such a beast!

      I’ve done it once, but I wasn’t well-trained for it, so I hope to be in shape and ready to go this time! Good luck with your training! I can’t imagine running one marathon in my life let alone two in 12 months… hope you’re able to register for Boston because that’ll be an amazing experience. Congrats again on your BQ!!

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