This post is dedicated to my friends, Anna and Lindsay, both of whom suggested taking Snapchats/photos of ourselves at the gym to prove that we worked out. I’m not going to post selfies on the internet because that’s not how I roll, but I’m going to use this blog to keep myself accountable because I’ve been slacking a bit! And it’s not like I can get on a scale and see that I’ve been slacking because…


…none of that Chick-fil-a weight will physically manifest itself until I’m approximately 60, according to this graphic at least. Ha. Ha. 

My week so far: I did 17ish miles this week! 4 runs total. I’m planning to swim tomorrow. Woohoo. As you can see, I cannot handle humidity for my life. 

  • 4 miles, 77 degrees, 80% humidity (11:05/mile). Major strugglebus. I was basically run-walking. 
  • 6 miles, 79 degrees, 51% humidity (10:23/mile)
  • 3.5 miles, 84 degrees, 43% humidity (9:35/mile)
  • 2.5 miles, 81 degrees, 41% humidity (9:50/mile) + fast speed intervals (total of ~1-1.5 miles)

I’ve also been doing some core and arms. I played on the monkey bars today and did like 2 pull ups. I also did 4 x 1 minute planks with 1 minute rest in between each. Monkey bars are still so much fun but SO MUCH HARDER when you’re 5’4 instead of 4’5. Elementary school monkey bars are basically a plebeian version of joining a CrossFit gym. #poor

Anywayyy, some long term stuff and goals:
I’m trying to break the 2:00 barrier for the Philly Half this year. My PR is 2:14:40, so I feel like if I can build up my endurance, 2:00 is a reasonable goal. Still trying to break 25 minutes in the 5K as well. 

Any fun plans for Labour Day weekend?
It’s my birthday week, so I used up my vacation days. Wheeeee. I already bought my birthday running outfit. Heh. 


Midsummer Night 5K Series Recap

I have been majorly slacking on the miles lately because of the hot weather. I’m still afraid of the treadmill so I’ve been visiting the pool instead. Swimming, not aqua jogging.. because I don’t own a belt. heh.

I’ll do a short recap of the Midsummer Night 5K series.

Race #1: Skipped. It was the day after the Navy Yard 5k — the 5k I did at work where my time was off by 4 minutes because I got to the starting line too late due to a meeting running over haha oops. #corporatestruggles

Race #2: 26:50. Hot and humid. I think it was 84-86 degrees with high humidity, so it was challenging and I had to walk and stop for water. Not a good run for me, but I purposefully took it easy due to the conditions. I did beat my time from last year on the same course by a minute though 🙂

Race #3: 26:44. POURING RAIN + thunder and lightning. It started POURING about halfway through mile 1 (7:55) and I could barely keep my eyes open because of the rain. I was compleeetely soaked. Guess I’ll need to do more practice runs in the rain! Am sooo glad I didn’t bring my iPod with me for this run because I would’ve had to sing the 3rd movement of Chopin’s 2nd piano sonata to it.

My next race is on Sunday. It’s a 5K steeplechase on a horse farm with obstacles. I’ve never done a “cross country” race before, so this will be interesting! Would 30 minutes be a realistic time? I have to jump over barns and logs and stuff, so I have no idea… will post a recap after the race!

(Update 8/17/14: it’s raining in the ‘burbs of Philly, so I decided not to go to the race. It’s not nearly as bad as the thunderstorm on Thursday, but one 5K race in the rain is enough for one week 🙂 kinda sad I’m missing out on the horse jumps and cross country terrain, but I’m going to try to stay dry today)

photo 1-4

I also got a pair of new running shoes. I wasn’t sure how I felt about my Brooks Adrenalines, so I got fitted at a running store and ended up where I started. I began my running journey in the Asics GT 2100 series (after I got shin splints from wearing Nike shox. AHAHA those were the days…), but when Asics came out with the first generation of the GT 2000’s last year, I just didn’t like them as much, so I decided to give Brooks a try. I like the Brooks PureFlow 2’s for speedy runs, but the Adrenalines weren’t as amazing as my old Asics. I tried the Brooks Ravenna 5, New Balance 860, and Asics 2000 2. The Ravenna 5’s weren’t bad. The New Balance 860’s were wayyy too wide. The Asics 2000 2’s were a Cinderella shoe moment. *waves sparkly wand* early birthday present for myself.

photo 2-3

Have you ever done a cross country race? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes/model?