This post is dedicated to my friends, Anna and Lindsay, both of whom suggested taking Snapchats/photos of ourselves at the gym to prove that we worked out. I’m not going to post selfies on the internet because that’s not how I roll, but I’m going to use this blog to keep myself accountable because I’ve been slacking a bit! And it’s not like I can get on a scale and see that I’ve been slacking because…


…none of that Chick-fil-a weight will physically manifest itself until I’m approximately 60, according to this graphic at least. Ha. Ha. 

My week so far: I did 17ish miles this week! 4 runs total. I’m planning to swim tomorrow. Woohoo. As you can see, I cannot handle humidity for my life. 

  • 4 miles, 77 degrees, 80% humidity (11:05/mile). Major strugglebus. I was basically run-walking. 
  • 6 miles, 79 degrees, 51% humidity (10:23/mile)
  • 3.5 miles, 84 degrees, 43% humidity (9:35/mile)
  • 2.5 miles, 81 degrees, 41% humidity (9:50/mile) + fast speed intervals (total of ~1-1.5 miles)

I’ve also been doing some core and arms. I played on the monkey bars today and did like 2 pull ups. I also did 4 x 1 minute planks with 1 minute rest in between each. Monkey bars are still so much fun but SO MUCH HARDER when you’re 5’4 instead of 4’5. Elementary school monkey bars are basically a plebeian version of joining a CrossFit gym. #poor

Anywayyy, some long term stuff and goals:
I’m trying to break the 2:00 barrier for the Philly Half this year. My PR is 2:14:40, so I feel like if I can build up my endurance, 2:00 is a reasonable goal. Still trying to break 25 minutes in the 5K as well. 

Any fun plans for Labour Day weekend?
It’s my birthday week, so I used up my vacation days. Wheeeee. I already bought my birthday running outfit. Heh. 


4 thoughts on “Accountability.

  1. Good luck dealing with humidity! It’s a beast here. The other day it was cooler and running was so much easier. I cooled down at an 8:35 pace and that feels so hard in the heat. It’s weird to look at, but also a good reminder not to think about time so much but listen to your body with the weather, it all affects us differently.

    I love that graphic. I’m not Asian but I have a feeling that’s what will happen to me. I’m smaller at 28 than I was at 23… or 18…

    • I cannot imagine having to run in the South where the humidity is even worse — I’m in the Northeast and am majorly struggling! You’re definitely right though. Focusing on the pace and numbers is less important than focusing on the feel and comfort level. I can’t wait for fall weather!

      Petite people unite! I feel like we’ll probably still be getting carded (I’m talking rated R movies hahaha) until we’re 50…

  2. Humidity is not my friend either! But boy does it make Fall much more enjoyable 🙂
    Great job on your pull ups too. It’s funny how much I used to love the monkey bars as a kid, but now they just make my hands hurt 😛
    Another late Aug/Early Sept baby! My bday is on Labor Day this year. I’m vacationing down at Smith Mountain Lake in southwest VA. Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy your time off (& hooray for a new running outfit)!

    • True true. I’ll definitely be able to appreciate running so much more in a few weeks!

      I had such gross blisters from the monkey bars. I have to be more careful about taking care of my hands from now on because I have to shake hands during business meetings, and I don’t want people say “Why do you have skin peeling off your hands? Gross!” when we’re trying to get things done haha.

      Thanks! Happy early birthday to you too!! And have an amazing time at Smith Mountain Lake!! Us early September babies are the best 🙂

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