The case for treadmill running

I’m not much of a winter runner, but this year, I decided that I’d try to run more in the winter and supplement running with exercise classes/core work. I actually ran about 52 miles already (highest mileage week = 17 miles) in 2015 until…

I tripped on a lump of salt and sprained my ankle. This happened two weeks ago, and I have another two weeks until I’m allowed to run again. Am currently rocking a lovely walking boot because I was too stubborn to use a treadmill. It’s a rough life. I did a 6 mile long run at a comfortable 9:10 pace two days before the incident, which is usually the shape I’m in around April/May. I was doing so well. Blah.

I have a few races coming up this spring. Goals looking ahead:

  • March 22: 1 mile race — I’ve never done a road mile race before, and I’m sooo excited to try it. Finishing a mile likely won’t be a problem, but I really wanted to run this all out. Don’t know if that’ll happen because this is less than two weeks from when I can start to run again. Goal: finish as fast as I can!
  • March 28: 5 mile race — this is a little under three weeks from when I can start running again, so I’m just looking to finish 5 miles. Not gunning for any PR’s. Goal: finish/run all 5 miles.
  • April 12: 10 mile race. Goal: finish/run all 10 miles
  • April 25: potential 5k — hopefully going to get that sub-25! Goal: 5k PR
  • May 3: 10 mile race — my favorite race ever. I am hoping to be rested, recovered, and PR-ing here πŸ˜€ Goal: 10 mile PR

What are your running goals for this spring?


5 thoughts on “The case for treadmill running

  1. Ugh I’m sorry about the boot! Even before reading this I was cautious and super slow everytime I ran outside. Now I’m going to be more paranoid than ever! Seriously Mother Nature – bring on Spring!
    I’ve never done a 1 miler either – that should be fun, especially as a way to jump back into racing post-sprain. I’m looking forward to seeing how those goal races go too – hopefully the shape you were in before the incident pays off when you’re ready to run again πŸ˜€
    My Spring goal is to run strong & hopefully PR at the Boston Marathon, and have fun at a couple half marathons with friends as well πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, seriously! I just want all the snow and ice to melt away… and hopefully I’ll be able to run outside by then. I’m so impressed with your treadmill runs. I always feel like I’m falling off, or I get so bored that I don’t think about trying to stay on haha. you’ll have to teach me your magic.

      I know you’re going to be a beast at the Boston Marathon!!! can’t wait to hear all about it on the blog πŸ™‚

  2. twsobey says:

    Wow, bummer about the ankle. I’ve been there before and it’s never fun. I hope you heal quickly.

    I’ve never done an “official” 1 mile race, but a group of us gather at a local track once a month for an unofficial timed mile. It’s a great gage for how our training is going. Good luck with your mile and have fun with it.

    My running goal for spring is my Birthday Bash. Each year a friend and I run our age in miles. It’s one of the dumber things I do. My hope is that this will get me ready for Boston Qualifying marathon this summer… we’ll see.

    • Thank you! That’s awesome that you do a timed mile every month. It’s definitely a good way to see improvements, etc. I don’t run with a group, but maybe when I’m better, I should do a timed mile for myself every month. it’s also a good workout. I had a friend who trained for a 5k by running a mile every day as fast as he could.

      Enjoy your Birthday Bash! There’s no way I can run my age in numbers any time soon, but I’m hoping to do a marathon before I’m 26. Good luck with your marathon / BQ !

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