Back on My Feet 5 Miler Recap + PR

I am back on my feet. Goodbye, walking boot!

Yesterday, I finished my first race of 2015, the Back on my Feet 5 Miler, and got the biggest surprise ever — a brand new 5 mile PR. My original goal was to just finish, but I did a 4 miler earlier this week during my lunch break and felt great, so I wanted to get around 45 minutes. My previous 5 mile PR (44:02) was from the same race/course last year, and I didn’t think that being away from running for an entire month would get me anywhere close to that. I ended up running 40:49. I was completely shocked. I guess this is the result of me running continuously in 2014! I’m totally hooked on running now haha.

A recap of every single run that I did prior to yesterday’s race:

  • 3/8/15 (first day back since the ankle incident): 3 miles total. 1 mile non-stop at 9:30, walk break for 10 minutes, 2 miles non-stop at 11:23 and 9:32.
  • 3/9/15: 2 miles total on the track. 800m warm up, alternating 4 x 200/400m’s. 200s: 44, 45, 43, 43. 400s: 1:37, 1:48, 1:49, 1:52, cool-down
  • 3/11/15: 3 miles non-stop at 9:07 pace with my lunchtime work running group
  • 3/15/15: 6 miles long run at 9:45 pace
  • 3/17/15: 3 miles at 9:41 pace with my lunchtime work running group
  • 3/22/15: had a 1 mile race planned — did not go because I got back from Boston the night before and was super tired
  • 3/23/15: 2.5 miles total. 800m warm up, 3200m (a little less than 2 miles) tempo run at 7:56 pace
  • 3/25/15: 4 miles at 8:58 pace

Yesterday was also kind of a buy one get one free deal — I also got a new 5k PR of 10 seconds within my 5 miler. Hahaha. My goal is still to break 25 minutes this year 🙂

5k pr

The most mileage I’ve run in a single week in 2015 was 17 miles back in February. I’m probably going to keep it somewhere between 10-15 miles for the next few weeks until my first 10 miler (goal: just finish). I feel like I’ve had a goal of running 20 miles per week for a while now, but it’s still the goal for 2015 — eventually be able to sustain 20 miles a week!

Have you ever gotten a PR within a longer race? What’s your favorite track workout?