Broad Street Run + Running Goals

The Broad Street Run is my favorite race ever because 1) it’s in my hometown 2) diversity of ability — super fast East Africans + recreational elites + people who generally don’t even run 3) it’s the first road race that I’ve ever done.

I had an incredible time as usual, and I even had a proper high five with Mayor Nutter at the starting line because my friend and I ended up in the wrong corral (because we were late), and in the process of scrambling to the correct one, we ended up at the FRONT of the corral. Oops.

I was really dumb and didn’t drink that much water the day before or the day of, so by mile 5-ish, I was really tired and thirsty, especially because it was kind of hot. Plus I also had my highest mileage the week prior (19 miles), so that may have contributed to me being so tired. Anyway, I took a water break and never got my momentum back.

Inline image 1

It was my worst 10 miler time by far and 5 minutes off of my PR, but I’m proud of myself for finishing all 10 miles šŸ™‚ plus I had fun so I’m ok with it.

ONTO MY GOALS. I’m still chasing a sub-25 5k, and I think it’s definitely within my reach right now. I ran 3 PR’s in the last 6 months or so — half marathon, 5k, 5 miler — because I have been so much more consistent with my running (e.g. not taking weeks off at a time just due to sheer laziness). I think the next step for me is to increase my mileage. I’ve been trying to get that whole 20 mile week thing going, but it hasn’t happened yet in 2015. I tracked my mileage for this year, and my highest 2 weeks were 19 and 17. I’ve run a total of less than 150 miles this year, which is a lot for me. I also ran a 40:49 5 mile race and a 1:24 9.4-ish mile race (was on pace for a 10 mile PR, but the course was shortened due to a road accident, and I wanted to save my legs for a 3+ hour drive and day with friends afterwards, so I didn’t go all out in the end). My main reason for increasing my mileage is because I signed up to do a marathon next spring. If I can’t even run 26 miles per week, I can’t fathom running 26.2 miles AT ONCE. anyway, I started a new blog because I’m moving to a new continent in a few months (which is why I decided to run a marathon for the first time? lol I don’t make any sense) and want to document my adventures abroad. I’ll probably keep track of my marathon training on there but it won’t be a running blog.. so this is goodbye for now! It’s been fun ā¤

Week starting Mileage Notes
1/4/2015 13
1/11/2015 6
1/18/2015 9
1/25/2015 7
2/1/2015 17
2/8/2015 0 Ā tripped; sprained ankle
2/15/2015 0 Ā tripped; sprained ankle
2/22/2015 0 Ā tripped; sprained ankle
3/1/2015 3
3/8/2015 12
3/15/2015 3
3/22/2015 11.5 includes 5 mile race
3/29/2015 12
4/5/2015 12 includes 10 mile race
4/12/2015 3
4/19/2015 19