Alumni Weekend

This weekend was my 1st college reunion. Has it really been one year already? Time sure flies… On May 7th, 2013, I handed in my last undergraduate paper for HIST 412: History of China. Paper title: “The Cultural Revolutionary Étude: *insert pretentious words and ideas that I’m not comfortable sharing on this blog.*” It was about the Philadelphia Orchestra’s 1973 visit to China 🙂 I had soooo much fun writing and researching because 1) it was about MUSIC 2) I used primary resources in Chinese and English 3) it was the first paper I finished before the 11th hour, so I got an A+ on the paper and in the class as a reward for not procrastinating! I then had the most incredible senior week, graduated from college on May 13th, took the GRE’s on June 25th, started work on July 8th and have been on my corporate hamster wheel ever since.

It was so nice to catch up with my college friends who I haven’t seen in a year, and being with them made me realize how lucky I was to have spent four years surrounded by such passionate, intelligent, and fun people. That’s what I really miss about college. Oh, and seeing this every single day for four years wasn’t too shabby either:


Seeing everyone and hearing about their lives and goals reminded me that I have so much more to give, and I’ve been so subdued this past year. In 2018, at my 5th reunion, I hope to be proud of my life and happy with my decisions. Until then, lots and lots of hard work to be done, more degree(s) to be earned, a life partner to be found (thanks Roy Vagelos for the College graduation speech last year), but for now…