Philadelphia Half Marathon: Sub-2. Check.

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My training paid off! In mid-ish October, one of my coworkers and I came to the scary realization that the Philly half marathon was in 6 weeks. I hadn’t really been running at the time because I was taking exams and writing applications, but we both made a pact to go for our goal of sub-2. We started running during lunch and kept each other accountable for weekend long runs. I ended up doing 5 miles (a race — Penn Radnor 5 Miler), 7 miles, 10 miles, and 4.5 miles as my long runs. I consistently ran 15-20 miles a week (ok, maybe there was only one 20 mile week lol) and got the majority of my miles during lunch. We would do 3 around the Navy Yard. I definitely think consistency helped me get to my goal 🙂 🙂 🙂 plus my summer strugglebus miles must’ve whipped me into shape too.

My splits via my Garmin Forerunner 10:
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Miles 1-6: Very comfortable. I ran without music (lol) and just fed off the crowd. I made sure not to go out too quickly. Despite being slow for my assigned corral, I found myself having to push through a lot of people just to keep a steady tempo. A little after mile 6, these two obnoxious frat boys (sorry for stereotyping, but I have no other way of describing them) CROSSED THE STREET while we were running. Ok, the Philly Half/Philly Marathon has a lotttt of runners. You don’t just cross in front of the runners while the race is going on. One of the guys nearly tripped me, so I shoved him to the side towards the sidewalk as hard as I could and I kept going. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Miles 6-10: THE STRUGGLE. Hills upon hills upon hills. Thankfully I ran into my friends Anna and Allie at around 6.5. Then I saw my parents around 7.5. I tried to eat a gu chomp (black cherry) around this time, but it was disgusting, so I tossed it out and drank water instead. I felt like I was walking up those massive hills.

Miles 11-12: Don’t remember much. Continuation of the struggle.

Mile 13: REALLY faded. I was running only with my head at this point because I was so tired. I probably should’ve forced those gu chomps despite their gross taste. Will have to find a better alternative next time.

Mile 13.1: GO GO GO GO GO. I kept on looking at my watch, but I knew that I was well within the 2 hours, so I eased into the finishing chute, got my blanket and medal and then left the premises.

WOOHOO. I def struggled a lot towards the end because of the massive hills, but I did it!!! And my coworker did too! We didn’t run together, but he got 1:58:48. Haha. Training buddies woohoo.


This was a 16 minute PR for me! I ran the Philly Half for the first time in 2012. It was my first half marathon, and it was during first semester senior year, so I was too busy to train. Looking back at my DailyMile entries (pre-garmin days wahoo), I can see why I did so much better this time. Consistency really does pay off. I’m going to take a break for a few days, but I can’t wait to be back. I might actually run through the winter this year. Maybe.

Have you reached any running goals lately? Any Turkey Trot plans?


#tbt Broad Street Run and Hilary Hahn

WOOHOO my favorite race ever is this Sunday, and I’m so so so excited!! I plan my running season (if we can even call it that based on how sporadically I run haha) around the race, and I’m all set and ready to go 🙂 I’ve definitely put in more mileage this year than I have in the past, so I’m hoping to PR. I’ve done two long runs in the month leading up to the race — 10 mile run via the Cherry Blossom 10 miler 4 weeks ago, and an 8 miler two weeks ago — which is way more than I’ve done in the past. I’ve also put in some speed work, so hopefully that’ll kick in as well. I am a little concerned about possible burn out though because I did three races back to back leading up to the CUCB 10 miler. Guess we’ll see!

Last year, I went straight from the Broad Street Run to brunch to a Philadelphia Orchestra concert without changing or showering. One of my favorite musicians ever was performing, so I was deeefinitely not missing the concert, even if it meant being gross. I’m surprised the ushers let me into the hall dressed the way I was that day because honestly I thought I was being disrespectful. But I guess all Philadelphians know the importance of the Broad Street Run, so all was forgiven. So nice. Anyway, it was violinist HILARY HAHN. It’s only my second time seeing her perform live, but I had 3rd (or 4th) row seats this time. She performed the Korngold Violin Concerto, which I had never heard prior to the concert. I have since fallen in love with the piece. The concerto is in D major, and its opus number is Op. 35. Hmm.. Tchaik also wrote a violin concerto in D major (although to be fair, I think a lot of violin concertos are in D major — Beethoven, Brahms, Prokofiev 1, etc.). But guess what its opus number is? That’s right. Op. 35. It can’t just be a coincidence that both composers wrote amazing violin concertos in D major, Op. 35, right?! Lol.

Anyway, during intermission, my friends and I went to buy her CD’s, and she congratulated me on my run!!! I wanted to get a picture with her, but we ran out of time. I was like ok whatever at least I met and talked to her, so I’m happy. We went back to Verizon Hall for the rest of the concert — Yannick NĂ©zet-SĂ©guin conducting Mahler 1. Talk about D (major) day.

As we were leaving the hall after the titanic performance (see what I did there? Haha), a woman came up to me and was like, “You wanted a picture, right? Follow me.” So she leads me over to the doors leading to the backstage area, and guess who was there?! BEST. MOMENT. EVER.


And that’s my throwback Thursday story to last year’s Broad Street Run 🙂 meeting one of the world’s greatest violinists is definitely a once in a lifetime post-race treat. She’s also so personable and hilarious (I promise I will stop with my puns). Check out her violin case twitter.

Here are my stats from last year:

Stats from 2012:

Clearly I need to work on my pacing strategy this time around. Will try to hold off until mile 5 to save my legs.

What’s your favorite post-race story?