Long Weekend Musings, Part II: Beethoven Edition

I put this photo on my Instagram earlier, but then I discovered the Nike+ picture function, so I made this:Image

I’m pretty sure the numbers are way off, but look at the Trader Joe’s vegan strawberry ice cream! Yummm. It’s in the mug that my friend got me for my birthday last year. I was able to recognize the piece as soon as I got the mug hahah. It’s Beethoven’s Op. 2 No. 1., a lovely piano sonata but not my fave. It’s very Haydn-esque… given that it was written in the early period and was dedicated to Haydn. Heh. Although I think he produced some amazing works in the early period and defied conventions and whatnot, I personally prefer middle/late Beethoven. If you want to know what I mean, just listen to the second movement of Op. 111 on Spotify (starting at around 7:40) — does that not sound like jazz from the 20th century? Genius!

While we’re on the topic of Beethoven piano sonatas, here are my top 5 picks:
5. Sonata No. 23 in F minor “Appassionata,” Op. 57
4. Sonata No. 32 in C minor, Op. 111
3. Sonata No. 17 in D minor “Tempest,” Op. 31 No. 2
2. Sonata No. 81a in E flat major “Les Adieux,” Op. 81a
1. Sonata No. 31 in A-flat major, Op. 110

All available on Spotify! Or maybe one day I’ll record myself and put them on YouTube. I think I have a recording of me doing Op. 31 No. 2 somewhere…

In my 5th grade music class, we had to do a presentation on an artist of our choice. While all of the other girls chose the Backstreet Boys or N Sync, I decided to be super cool and chose Beethoven. My friends from elementary school will never let me live that one down hahaha. Guess who’s still relevant in 2014? Hint: it’s not N Sync! I think the piece of Beethoven music I shared was the Allegretto (second movement) of the 7th symphony. So gorgeous.
In college, I took a class called “Beethoven” for my music minor. It was definitely one of my favorite classes of all time.
Of course that wasn’t enough, so after I graduated, I took a class on Coursera called “Exploring Beethoven’s Sonatas.” It was taught by Jonathan Biss at the Curtis Institute of Music. Curtis was so nice and retweeted my Tweet about being so excited for the class. Dream come true.

What’s your favorite Beethoven Sonata? Just kidding :p What are your favorite songs? (for running or just in general)